Little Note for My Daughter

I feel like I need to re-post this from my Facebook notes because I don’t want to lose this if Facebook is closed someday.

Little Note for My Daughter

Dear my daughter,

Just like every Mom in the world, I felt overwhelmingly happy when I first saw you in the world. The unbeatable pain when delivering you was gone, a second after I saw your beautiful eyes were staring at me.

Dear my daughter,

I didn’t feel any hurt at the first times I was struggling to breastfeed you. I’ve never ever complained when I had to wake up – many times – at night, whenever you want some milk to vanish your thirst. I am happy to breastfeed you since we’re holding hands, as you always seek for something to grab on while drinking. I feel very close to you and, except God, I feel like no one can tear us apart. I feel like, I’ve never loved someone this much before in my whole life.

Dear my daughter.

Yes, once I was dreaming to have a baby boy. Not because I wanted to see him playing football or becoming a great athlete just like I had dreamed of myself to be. But I wanted him to be a leader, a wise man who can be a role model and become a guardian for his little brothers and sisters, even for his own family in the next phase of life. I and your father really know how big the burden goes to the first child of the family. We knew it very well. We had to set the bar high, we received less attention and we become more independent than anyone else. We had to be tough. We used to be tough. And, since you’re happened to be the first child, you have to be tough as well.

Dear my daughter,

I never feel sorry for having an adorable baby girl like you. I’ve seen you grow up amazingly. I will not ask you to do things you don’t like. I will let you free as what you want to become. Because, my daughter, I and your father don’t want to see you being suffered because of our own selfishness. We always want to see you smile heavenly, not suffered in your own agony.

Dear my daughter,

I am sorry if someday I have to be mad at you. Just believe that I will not mad for something that I don’t like, but for something that is not good for you. I am not going to spoil you, I will let you know when you are doing something wrong, and will give you compliment if you are doing a good things. After all, we are always be proud of you.

Dear my daughter,

Please don’t ever hate me because, until the time is through, I will never ever be able to hate you. You are the part of me, you are something that God has given me as gift. I promise not to let you getting hurt, in any situation. I will always be beside you to accompany, and will be behind your back to push you upward, though I may not always be an angel for you. With me, you can share many things. That’s my duty. That’s why I am here. I am here to take care of you and nurture you to be someone with good mental attitude. And promise to do it at my best, though I may be far from perfection.

Dear my daughter,

I hope these three words could describe it all. I love you. And my only wish is that you always keep in mind that I do.

me and the 9 days old Andhara

Before you were conceived I wanted you; Before you were born I loved you; Before you were here an hour I would die for you; This is the miracle of life – Maureen Hawkins –

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