If He Were A Woman

This week should’ve been the most tiring contemplation time that my husband ever experienced in his life. A leading multinational FMCG company, called him to fill one of their vacant posts. It has never been a dream to get this offer very easily, after a one-day recruitment process, jumped directly from 10 minutes presentation to panel discussion, and they quickly assured that hubby gets everything that they need.

The problem raised afterwards, is that this offer will make him go down one step, from a managerial position into an assistant manager, and unluckily, also must be going down the salary. The company’s highest standard of remuneration for this offered position didn’t suffice. Meanwhile, his current position as Business Development Manager at US’#1 express company is already prestigious, yet he dreamed to move into a FMCG company since working in express and logistic company has been horribly stressful. This is no good for him for a long term engagement. Another meanwhile, is that this FMCG company offers another ‘benefits’ such as free products (shampoo, shower cream, dental paste, you name it), housing allowance after working for 3 years, and also a career opportunity. But, still, the salary and position grade are in the top of considerable things.

If you were him, will you take this opportunity? If I must answer then my answer must be YES. I have been experienced this thing, that my current salary is only 60% of my last-year salary. But so what? I work in project-based contract, and nobody knows whether this contract will be extended by end of year or not. I don’t really objected if the new offer only can pay me less, as long as I’m happy working the project, as long as I’m comfortable with the environment, and yeah, that’s all I can say.

But the condition is different to hubby. He’s not a woman. Not a mother. Not someone who can easily jump and seek for another place if he didn’t feel so good with one company. Other words, he’s not me.

He’s the breadwinner of my family. Not saying that I am so weak so that I fully depend myself on him, bImageut my family should put him as a survivor. We need him as family, that’s why every little step that he takes must be considered as a family decision. I always put our financial thing in this kind of condition: all monthly payments, regular billings, house and car loan must come out from hubby’s pocket. And my earnings should be treated as “additional and complementary”.  So that if someday I could not continue to work due to project end, or maybe because I’m quite overwhelmed by the growing kids, or any little thing that makes me quit working, our family will still be survived. That’s the rule.

And now when he must ignore the offer, he doesn’t know whether someday he would get one more opportunity to work in his dream company. All that I know that he just think about our family, his daughter, and his dream to give the best education for the kids someday. It’s very hard for him to say NO, but he eventually did it by his own will. And for this matter, I would like to give him my standing ovation (and may I kiss you tonight?) ^.~

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