Take Me Home

This is my second night in Bangkok.

Feels like I’ve been here for 2 months. Yes, that bad.

I am still struggling not to remember my daughter at home and stop thinking about her. Exactly, right guess, I couldn’t do that. It is easier to be said than done. Moreover, I suddenly miss my hubby, too.

I’d been wondering why Airasia never give me chance to book ticket to Bangkok, yet today I am so thankful for that. I could not see any good points from this city. Traffic is like hell, heavy rain will lead the city into flooding. Sounds familiar, huh? It’s not so different with Jakarta. Though they have built the mass rapid transport called MRT like in Singapore, also BTS sky train that helps connecting places without worry with the bloody traffic. Things that Jakarta doesn’t have. But at least in Jakarta, people will understand if I talk, while here I’ve got some troubles to communicate with the sales girl or taxi driver.

Never mind.

I love visiting new places and learn to find out the way. Yesterday, after arrived safely in Bangkok, I took the airport link which claims that we only need 15 minutes to get into the city. Unluckily, the train came after I waited for half an hour. So in total I had to spend 45 minutes.

Right after stopped in the city station, I took taxi to the hotel. It was quite cheap because the taxi had to use meter. I was rushing to check in, dropped my luggage, and running to find another taxi to go to my regional office. It took 5 minutes until the driver said OK, means he knew where I was going, and charged me for 150 baht (around Rp. 45,000). Perhaps the taximeter is not valid for tourist, though my face sometimes recognized as Filipinos or Thai people, but I don’t speak in Thai. So yes, I’m a tourist.

And that bloody traffic made me crazy. I reached the office at 5 pm and it was like I had spent 12 hours that day from wake up in the morning until arrived at my office. It was insanely happened. I took the 9.45 am flight to Bangkok, when I had to leave home at 5.30 before the morning rush hour. I landed at 1.15 pm and check out from immigration at 2 pm, and still, I arrived at the office three hours later. I suddenly hate this city so much.

After meeting today, at around 6 pm, I went to the mall to buy dinner and buy some stuff for sisters and brother. The faster the better, so that tomorrow and the day after, I wouldn’t have any other burden and hopefully could enjoy the remaining time. I stopped at the National Stadium station and I was about to go to MBK mall, while accidentally I found the signboard to Madame Tussaud. Oh well, that’s my first luckiness in Bangkok. Because I am traveling alone, I had to be friendlier to other tourist so that I could ask their help to take photograph of myself. So that was how I spent my evening today (right now I am writing just to kill some times as I don’t feel like sleeping).

I am looking forward for Saturday. No matter how good my plan to visit Grand Palace and hop into Chao Praya boat on that day, I more want to be home. I left my heart there.

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