This Aquarian is Turning 28

I have built my own quote this morning; “No one should be happy when they’re in their birthday, because that makes them getting closer to the death. but, everyone will be undeniably happy for how people around treating them very special on that day.”

Not a nice quote, though, but i admit that the happiness feeling that comes on your birthday is because many people are sending you text message, bbm, email, or whatever you name it, by mentioning your name and wishing you all the best, not just sending a template text  like in a broadcast message.

So, I’m 28 now, what’s next? Before answering this question, let me tell you that i’m a real Aquarian. An Aquarian is symbolized as water carrier, but don’t get it wrong, Aquarian is under air element, not water. That’s why they feel so alike with air, and so is their life would be like. In my life, i almost never have a long term plan. my plan is made for a quite short time, and yes it can be suddenly changing, wherever the air blows.

Mrs Aquarius
She’s an unpredictable, fantastic, exasperating lady who can’t help but make an impact on people. Her reactions are always surprising and, even more than Mr Aquarius, she’s a walking contradiction between what she says and what she does.

In life
Mrs Aquarius is a paradox of sensitivity and incoherence. She likes working in a team, mixing with others on projects or research. She’s psychologically tuned in, and she’ll succeed in jobs which require investigative and listening skills. She constantly worries about looking after others and not herself. Free and imaginative, she could have an interesting career of twists and unexpected turns, because she gets bored quickly if routine sets in. She could be an excellent businesswoman, provided that what she sells inspires her.

In love
She says she doesn’t understand anything about love, which is true. She doesn’t see her other half as he actually is, but as she dreams him to be: she glorifies him, and isn’t actually happy with him. In no circumstance does she want to encroach upon her partner’s vital freedom, just as she doesn’t want him to encroach upon her freedom. She likes relationships that haven’t yet fully developed, with passionate letters and long telephone conversations. She’s a surprising woman who praises the single life but will happily marry, divorce and move back in with her ex a few months later! While she might be happy with this lifestyle for a while, she must realise that sooner or later she’ll send all men packing and will end up, much to her happiness, a spinster. Children love her eccentricity and extravagance.

All those traits, both positive and negative, are mostly correct. These traits, sometimes benefiting me but somehow could destruct my life as well.

Walk down the street with your water-bearing Aquarius friend and count how many people stop to say hello and a how-do-you-do to her. She’s friends with absolutely everyone, or that’s what it feels like. In truth though, the Aquarius woman seldom allows people to get too close to her. She can be slightly reserved when it comes to her real feelings and you will find that her circle of friends is, in reality, a lot smaller than her casual hello-goodbye routine indicates. Generous, and always there when you need them, Aquarians flock with friends who share their love of independence and intellectual pursuits.

Sorry for being so narcissistic, but we aquarian know well that we are fantastic. We are attractive in our own way. as for me, i don’t find any difficulties to get along with new people, even strangers. But then, stop, we just want to know you and a little bit detail of your background. no emotion involved. Never ever expect to have a speedy and fast assessment with Aquarians, especially having a personal relationship with them. That would be a long and winding process, but once you succeed, they will be a very good and trusted companion of yours.

Aquarians are intelligent and quick witted, which attract others towards them. They can pick up things really fast. According to the Aquarius horoscope predictions, Aquarians are curious in nature and take interest in every thing around them. However, these can make it difficult for them to concentrate on one thing.

In my life, I have found my partner but haven’t find a satisfying job, other words, a job that possibly keep me for years to stay happily. I don’t understand why, but I think this law of nature, that no one can have everything at once. It is kinda easy for me to pass the job interview, getting the at-first-i-thought-it’s-a-perfect-one job, but everything was ended up uncomfortably. One of my wishes today is finding a good job and stay last long.

Let’s make the wish and blow the candle.



It’s Friday and I Feel So Red!

Jakarta is drown by flood.

Yes, like my article in last August, it turns out that Jakarta and Manila have one more identical similarity; they’re both flooded when the rain comes heavily. So, yesterday, I stayed at home all day, since the news reporter on TV said that this flood is even worse than in 2007. Okay. This morning, the rain came lightly, and I guess that many people would choose to be home, either they are infected by the flood, or they just don’t want to get trapped in the holy traffic like yesterday.

Unlike me, I chose to go to the office. And my decision was completely wrong. Nobody opened the door. Nobody came to office this morning. I felt so disappointed. If I had known this, I should’ve continued my sleep. But, that’s too late. When I arrived back at home, I slightly saw myself in the mirror, and didn’t know why my lips catch my attention at the very first. I felt it was too way RED. Seriously I never ever fall in love with red lipstick, but since I purchased Bobbi Brown Lip Color #18, I am totally in love with this kind of red. Read more if you are curious on what red it looks like.

And suddenly I remember that I just read the make up challenge at the Indonesian Beauty Blogger that named this challenge with “Must Have Red”. Well, why don’t I post something interesting on my blog this time, that I would give a review about my face of the day (or better known as FOTD). Of course, I am inspired because of this red lippie, that actually, I am wearing the shade Bobbi Brown’s version of Nude. How come this Nude shade could turn into something red on my lips?

It’s because my bare lips is already pigmented. I am not saying that I have a dull lips, but it is very hard to find the good color for my lips, without making me look clowny and more dull. FYI, I have a medium-tan skin color, which has neutral to red undertones. While most of the Asians have yellow undertone, I think I am not! That also makes my face never look bright and satisfying. Since elementary school, I’ve got acnes. I gave up on many dermatologist that exist in Jakarta, and don’t count how many million rupiahs I spent to make my face free from acne, yet it only lasted for a while. One of my dermatologist said that my acne is caused by hormones, nothing else. No matter how hard I try to reduce oils on my face by regulate its sebum, no matter how much I eat veggies, my face will always be ‘granted’ with acne. Period. And even the dermatologist gave up with my skin problem, too. I eventually know that microdermabrasion, peeling, facial, and any medication available out there will never ever get rid my acne off from my face. And then the dermatologist prove her words, when I got pregnant, my face was as smooth as silk. No more acne, the old scar was fading, it was moist like heaven, it was bright like never before. Yet it also only lasted for 9 months. After my baby girl born, my face came back to ‘normal’.

Well, let’s continue with the FOTD project. So, I took two pictures; one while I was still wearing full make up (thanks for the traffic on highway, it really provided me a lots of time to do my morning make up routine), and the other one is when I have rinsed off my make up. But, you may see it in different perspective, just think that the photo of my bare face was taken before I applied the make up.

How a red lippie will change your total look!

How a red lippie will change your total look!

You can see my bare face in the left photo, I have small eyes, no lids, narrow space between eyebrow and the eyes, which makes it difficult to experiment with eye shadows. I always think that the most suitable style for my eyes is by applying dark colors over the inner lid, blend it carefully, and on the top put one lighter color for highlight. Two colors is enough for daily look (sometimes I used three colors for special occasion). This time, I am using Sephora Pret-a-porter collection palette in pink, with burgundy-brown color for smokey-eye effect and pearly pink color for highlight. I used Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in brown for my water lid and upper lid. I put it over the tip of my eye so that my eyes can be look bigger 😀 For mascara, I used Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eyes in black. I love its comb-alike brush, unlike normal mascara have, because it separated my lashes and left no clump. I never intent to use falsies, and prefer to have a more natural look for eyes.

Geez, I forgot to explain my face base, as that’s the most important thing to start a make up routine. First of all, I applied Olay White Radiance Intensive Brightening Serum on my face (this serum works good at fading my acne scars instead of brighten my skin color, but I don’t want to have a whither face anyway, just dream to have a clearer one). I never used any moisturizer as my face is super duper oily. After that, I used Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in True Beige. This color is actually too dark for me, but Medium Beige is too light although this color is one step lighter. But the formula of foundation is awesome, it’s my HG. That’s why I mostly comeback using this though I have some other foundations. Before applying Korres Wild Rose Powder in Medium Beige, I never forget to use concealer to get flawless (or less-flaws IMO) look. This time I am wearing Laura Mercier Undercover UC4 (I found it’s way too light for me, think to sell it anyway after this trial) to cover some acne marks (which I have a lots!) and VOV Cover Foundation in Light Brown for the bigger acne scars (it always works and the color’s pigmented very well).

To add color on my cheeks, I put Bare Minerals Face Color in True, for just a few wipes. The color is soft pink with a subtle glitters that is barely seen. Then, last but not least, I put on the Bobbi Brown Lip Color #18 in Nude, which is so not ‘Nude’ on me. After 3 times application, there comes brick-red color which has a hidden coral hue on my medium-tan skin. Very nice. I never like wearing red lipstick, but this kind of red really brings back my mood and saves my unlucky Friday.

Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.~Gwyneth Paltrow~

Thanks for reading 🙂

God is Good

Copied from Facebook Notes (01.01.13)

I barely remember when was the last time I wrote a note and I am slightly thinking that my writing ability is getting worse and worse. I have been quitting to work as feature writer from the beginning of 2011, and recently, having a 1,5-y.o.-daughter-that-always-keep-me-busy also contribute the reason why I am getting less often to write. So I almost forgot how to make a good writing; well-structured, right context, catchy and reader friendly, while most of the topics I have and like to talk about is just how happy I am to be a mother. And for some people, it more sounds boring than attractive.

But thanks if you keep reading, that means you’re not one of the people who thinks that I am too boring 🙂

January 1st, 2013. As routine, I send prayer to my grandmother in heaven (I am quite sure she is there, she’s the most lovable person on earth). Today is her birthday and she would have been 89 years old if she’s still alive. Last night I was wearing t-shirt that I found in Coconut Island store, it texts: My New Year Resolution: No Resolution. I bought it in discounted price though, as I still couldn’t take that one t-shirt would cost 200k rupiah (so much waste of money!). I didn’t celebrate the new year until 12AM, as my daughter needs to sleep earlier. We came home from Kemang at 9.30PM, after watching some fireworks show and I still remember how Dhara amazed with it (and along the way home, she keeps pointing at the sky outside and said “api…api…”). It was nice ambiance and glad that we could have it for free. We even ate at my newly-favorite fast food restaurant for dinner. Who said we should have all the fancy things to celebrate new year? 😀 Me? Growing up in a conservative family, my parents always said that Moslem should not celebrate the new year that based on Roman calendar. We have our own new year’s eve to welcome Hijriyah, my father once said. My husband? Grew in a moderately liberal circumstances, with some of the family members even married cross-religion, new year is something that they used to celebrate. After home, my husband swear that next year we should not repeat the same thing again for the new year’s eve 😀

Of course I am joking if I said that I don’t have any resolution for 2013. As usual, I have sooo many. Sadly, looks like I am always not being committed to achieve those resolutions after the new year’s euphoria ends. A couple of weeks from now, I will be 28. It is a mature age, so I think this time I should be more serious. I am trying to look back on 366 days of 2012, and for me, my life is good. My life is not perfect and maybe is not as great as yours, but I keep in mind that I’ve always been blessed. Yes, there were a lot of troubles happened, but God gave me the way and showed me how to overcome it all. Remember a year ago, when I always complaining that my daughter could not drink milk from bottles so that I should pump the breast milk as much as possible at the office? God is really good for that case, because I was working in a very flexible workplace and I had a very supportive boss. Imagine that 2×30 mins of my normal working time should be allocated for pumping, so that means I received 1/8 of my salary for free, right? Also remember when I was crazily suffered from babysitter’s drama? My boss allowed me to work from home for nearly 3 weeks, and he didn’t even giving me a lot of work burden because he knew that I already had tons at that time. He could understand when I said that I wasn’t be able to do the business trip as my daughter still depends on breastfeeding activity every night. He was a truly God sent! Moreover, I had a very delightful time at office since I had the best colleagues since I started working in 2006. I felt all the problems became hassle-free. We’ve done many things together and shared many things in common. It was something that I couldn’t ask for more.

But life must go on. The situation urged me to find another workplace to continue. Another challenge and experience. Admit that this time I should work harder and double than before, but everything came with price. In mid-2012, I successfully did the first business trip abroad. Okay, you are allowed to laugh out loud now. That may sounds silly, as some of you probably has done this many times and reached various places. But not for me. I as keep moving and jumping from one workplace to another, I hadn’t have a chance to go abroad, for training or just meeting. Who wants to send the staff like me for overseas training and spend thousand of dollars, when my CV recorded that I’d never stay in one place for more than 1 (one) year? I am definitely not a good investment for their institution 🙂 So, my travel to Bangkok last time was sort of an achievement for myself, despite my fear of flying, I was trying to enjoy it as much as possible. In the middle of tight schedule, I went to each mall and attraction by solo, and shopped a lot 🙂

In the end of 2012, I again got a shock therapy, as my babysitter (for the second time) wasn’t back from her ‘kampung’ after taking leave. After Eid, she did it once, but soon she made up her mind and she was back with one week delay. Well, problem was solved for a while. I strongly warned her not to do this anymore and she should give at least one month notification before quitting. But a maid is a maid, she wouldn’t care. So at the beginning of December, I took 2 weeks leave from work and almost decided to be a full-time mom, as I was quite fed up with the babysitter’s drama. I was thinking that: “hey, look, you think that I am not able to take care of my daughter? I can! I just need a babysitter because I am working, not because I can’t do the babysitting.” As a mother, I was emotionally disturbed. My mental health was in the worst condition. Moreover, my daughter became more and more spoiled if I was around. It was not a good sign. Hubby did not agree if I quit from job, but I indeed hesitate to find a new babysitter, trying hard to teach and make them comfortable but at the end they just stayed for a month or so. But again, God has been very good to me. On the 8th day without the babysitter, when my leave was only 6 days remaining, my mom-in-law, who attended a mourn of one of her relatives’ mother, found this babysitter. She used to take care of the old lady who died, and her employer offered us to use her service for trial, and after she suits the job, we could go the her supplier and do the paperworks. It was great, I took the offer. And grateful that the new babysitter wanted to stay with us and take care of my daughter. It was quite hard to find a babysitter who would happily run and follow wherever my daughter runs, to be patient to serve the meals to that super picky eater, and also deal with her stubbornness and persistence to get anything that she wants. I am her mother but i could say that it is not easy to have this kind of kid. And I could not complaint as my father always said that she copied me, thoroughly. Karma? 😀 So, after that, I got back to work and one more problem looks like being solved miraculously. 

Then there comes 2013.

As I said earlier, I am making a couple of resolutions for this year. Some of them are:

  1. I should stop browsing to, or I should make it less often. As an unofficial beauty junkie, I’ve got some huge discounts for some of my fave products, but that doesn’t mean that I must do it monthly, rite?
  2. I need to find a good pediatrician for my daughter. To date, we haven’t found the best one yet, whether they are too commercial or too conservative. We need a progressive but genuine one. Any recommendation?
  3. I should be a better wifey, by reducing my high temper and trying to keep my emotion more stable. Not to say I am going to be as flat as my husband though (that’s gonna be boring, yes?), and trying to cook more advanced dish (meaning not only frying some nuggets or boiling an egg)
  4. Have a healthier lifestyle. Back to gym and eating some diet pills to burn these (still) 6 kilos of excess fat, soon after I stop breastfeed my daughter in June 2013. My weight should be back to pre-pregnancy or at least no more than 60 kgs!
  5. Be more satisfied with my current job and not quitting before it reaches one year. That’s probably the most difficult one. I’m not easily satisfied, in any matters 😀
  6. We should start doing our house project. We love our apartment and its wow location, but we think that live in our apartment wouldn’t be a wise choice for our daughter (she loves run and play, barely can sit peacefully for more than 5 minutes, and therefore she needs space more than 30 sqm), but still living with parents no longer fits me. They’re both nice and wonderful, and they are very happy to see their one and only granddaughter everyday, but at this stage, I just want to run my family independently in our own humble house. I am not asking too much, eh?

I don’t know whether I still have some other resolutions, but this time I will just focus on those 6. If I accomplish any other than that, perhaps I am moving to other workplace with a salary two times higher, I will just consider that as a bonus 🙂 With God’s will, everything is possible, right?

So, I am wishing you all more success and happiness in 2013. Hope you get what you want and reach what have you dreamed of.