Hello, New Post!

Been absent for so long. I know this is one of my bad habit, as I promised to keep this blog updated at least once a month. But 3 months being a full time housewife occupied all my activities from morning to night. Anyway, don’t buy it, it’s just me justifying myself who was being lazy.

I started working at the new post (of course in different office again) since the beginning of June. What can I say is I LOVE THIS OFFICE. It has typical old building that reminds me of walking into my Mom’s office when I was little. It has classic smell (maybe from old but well-maintained furniture) and the very cool aircon (which I assume still using old type of freon that not environmentally friendly). As the office has hundreds of employee, it is pretty hard for me to remember their faces and match it with their names. And being a newbie in this big office, I received several first-impressions from people here:

  • Impression #1: through phone communication, they call me ‘Mbak’…but when meet me in person, they remove the ‘Mbak’. For me, that’s no big deal, regardless that they are in fact younger than me. Ah, that must be because my younger-looking face.
  • Impression #2: there are (still) some people who is looking at me with underestimate face. As if I just graduated from uni. And when they heard (at random moments) that I have a 2-years-old daughter, they became nicer. Ah, people…why tend to judge everything from the cover first??
  • Impression #3: sometimes some people are trying to keep distance, just because I am not one of the regular staff and working under project fund, which they must be thinking, I received way bigger salary than them every month. Ah, c’mon, working under project is interesting, but it only last for a while until the project ends, so I will not get any sustainability. Everything has its own plus and minus. And in this world, sometimes, we can’t have everything at once. So, pick one, ladies.

Sometimes I think this is funny, but yes, people tend to show that they are more senior and experienced than others just to get higher recognition and respect. Unfortunately, by doing so, you will only get less. I personally never give a damn to this matter. As long as I enjoy the work, and my team is being cooperative. That’s enough. Maybe I can feel this because I’ve been working in 10 different places in the last 7 years? I learned a lot from every mistake, and learned a lot on which people that should be approached and which should be avoided.

Whatever it is, I just want to enjoy my time here, while it lasts!