It’s Friday and I Feel So Red!

Jakarta is drown by flood.

Yes, like my article in last August, it turns out that Jakarta and Manila have one more identical similarity; they’re both flooded when the rain comes heavily. So, yesterday, I stayed at home all day, since the news reporter on TV said that this flood is even worse than in 2007. Okay. This morning, the rain came lightly, and I guess that many people would choose to be home, either they are infected by the flood, or they just don’t want to get trapped in the holy traffic like yesterday.

Unlike me, I chose to go to the office. And my decision was completely wrong. Nobody opened the door. Nobody came to office this morning. I felt so disappointed. If I had known this, I should’ve continued my sleep. But, that’s too late. When I arrived back at home, I slightly saw myself in the mirror, and didn’t know why my lips catch my attention at the very first. I felt it was too way RED. Seriously I never ever fall in love with red lipstick, but since I purchased Bobbi Brown Lip Color #18, I am totally in love with this kind of red. Read more if you are curious on what red it looks like.

And suddenly I remember that I just read the make up challenge at the Indonesian Beauty Blogger that named this challenge with “Must Have Red”. Well, why don’t I post something interesting on my blog this time, that I would give a review about my face of the day (or better known as FOTD). Of course, I am inspired because of this red lippie, that actually, I am wearing the shade Bobbi Brown’s version of Nude. How come this Nude shade could turn into something red on my lips?

It’s because my bare lips is already pigmented. I am not saying that I have a dull lips, but it is very hard to find the good color for my lips, without making me look clowny and more dull. FYI, I have a medium-tan skin color, which has neutral to red undertones. While most of the Asians have yellow undertone, I think I am not! That also makes my face never look bright and satisfying. Since elementary school, I’ve got acnes. I gave up on many dermatologist that exist in Jakarta, and don’t count how many million rupiahs I spent to make my face free from acne, yet it only lasted for a while. One of my dermatologist said that my acne is caused by hormones, nothing else. No matter how hard I try to reduce oils on my face by regulate its sebum, no matter how much I eat veggies, my face will always be ‘granted’ with acne. Period. And even the dermatologist gave up with my skin problem, too. I eventually know that microdermabrasion, peeling, facial, and any medication available out there will never ever get rid my acne off from my face. And then the dermatologist prove her words, when I got pregnant, my face was as smooth as silk. No more acne, the old scar was fading, it was moist like heaven, it was bright like never before. Yet it also only lasted for 9 months. After my baby girl born, my face came back to ‘normal’.

Well, let’s continue with the FOTD project. So, I took two pictures; one while I was still wearing full make up (thanks for the traffic on highway, it really provided me a lots of time to do my morning make up routine), and the other one is when I have rinsed off my make up. But, you may see it in different perspective, just think that the photo of my bare face was taken before I applied the make up.

How a red lippie will change your total look!

How a red lippie will change your total look!

You can see my bare face in the left photo, I have small eyes, no lids, narrow space between eyebrow and the eyes, which makes it difficult to experiment with eye shadows. I always think that the most suitable style for my eyes is by applying dark colors over the inner lid, blend it carefully, and on the top put one lighter color for highlight. Two colors is enough for daily look (sometimes I used three colors for special occasion). This time, I am using Sephora Pret-a-porter collection palette in pink, with burgundy-brown color for smokey-eye effect and pearly pink color for highlight. I used Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in brown for my water lid and upper lid. I put it over the tip of my eye so that my eyes can be look bigger 😀 For mascara, I used Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eyes in black. I love its comb-alike brush, unlike normal mascara have, because it separated my lashes and left no clump. I never intent to use falsies, and prefer to have a more natural look for eyes.

Geez, I forgot to explain my face base, as that’s the most important thing to start a make up routine. First of all, I applied Olay White Radiance Intensive Brightening Serum on my face (this serum works good at fading my acne scars instead of brighten my skin color, but I don’t want to have a whither face anyway, just dream to have a clearer one). I never used any moisturizer as my face is super duper oily. After that, I used Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in True Beige. This color is actually too dark for me, but Medium Beige is too light although this color is one step lighter. But the formula of foundation is awesome, it’s my HG. That’s why I mostly comeback using this though I have some other foundations. Before applying Korres Wild Rose Powder in Medium Beige, I never forget to use concealer to get flawless (or less-flaws IMO) look. This time I am wearing Laura Mercier Undercover UC4 (I found it’s way too light for me, think to sell it anyway after this trial) to cover some acne marks (which I have a lots!) and VOV Cover Foundation in Light Brown for the bigger acne scars (it always works and the color’s pigmented very well).

To add color on my cheeks, I put Bare Minerals Face Color in True, for just a few wipes. The color is soft pink with a subtle glitters that is barely seen. Then, last but not least, I put on the Bobbi Brown Lip Color #18 in Nude, which is so not ‘Nude’ on me. After 3 times application, there comes brick-red color which has a hidden coral hue on my medium-tan skin. Very nice. I never like wearing red lipstick, but this kind of red really brings back my mood and saves my unlucky Friday.

Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.~Gwyneth Paltrow~

Thanks for reading 🙂